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Mr. Ronny Boesing

Ronny Boesing is the Chief Executive Officer of CCEDK. Prior to CCEDK, Ronny was working Sales Executive and General Manager positions within the music industry for more than 25 years. Internet has destroyed its music publishing business, but brought into his life a constant striving for research and development. Ronny is a savvy internet marketeer and a financial all-round connoisseur as well, and he is also not forgetting to take some time off to spend some quality time with his family!



Our vision is to be the enterprise that best understands, and satisfies the product, service and funding needs of startups – globally


Our mission is to make CCEDK the preferred marketing and crowd funding partner for our clients by delivering outstanding value, continuous innovation and an exceptional client experience by constantly fulfilling expectations thru digitalized leadership, cooperation and cross promotion across ecosystems.

Divide, cooperate and conquer

It’s been a little more than two years since we launched CCEDK ApS in Denmark, with the aim of becoming a top 3 exchange within the following two years. It didn’t work out quite as intended, but it seems everything happens for a reason. In closing the exchange and opening the enterprise CCEDK, we are looking forward to an exciting finish to 2016 and some very interesting years to come – and ones full of passion and innovation. We close one book, only to open another.

We are taking this opportunity to revamp CCEDK as an enterprise with a Vision, Mission and a Conglomerate of ecosystems, launching the first ever service uniquely designed to help start-ups worldwide do what it takes to crowdfund the most promising projects. I feel blessed to be taking part in it all, and to be able to be a key motivator for everything to come – at least at the beginning. In the future the project will thrive on the idea of growth via cooperation and decentralisation.

Remember the saying: Divide and conquer? I believe we will need to amend this to Divide, Cooperate and Conquer.

The peer-to-peer cryptocurrency platform OpenLedger – which is designed for high-speed transactions, allowing users to trade assets in near-real time, securely and with ultra-low fees – will be the host, framework and most important tool for the success of this project. OpenLedger is built on top of the MIT-licensed Graphene technology of BitShares 2.0 and acts as the foundation for the Decentralized Conglomerate: an ecosystem of interlinked and mutually-supporting companies.

Yours sincerely
Ronny Boesing, CEO


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