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Crypto Coins Enterprise DenmarK introduction

Launch of CCEDK ApS - Crypto Coins Enterprise Denmark

July 1st

ICOO introduction

Introduction of ICOO, the digital token of an Economic Enterprise Engine: Crowdfunding 3.0

May 20 2016

Decentralized Conglomerate introduction

Introducing the world's first Decentralized Conglomerate - the DC.

March 2016

BTSR introduction

Introduction of BTSR, the the digital token of BitTeaser - The Blockchain Powered Smart Network - Ad Tech 2.0

February 15 2016

OBITS introduction

Introduction of OBITS, the official token of the DC - Blockchain powered, people driven

November 14 2015

Fiat Gate integration into OpenLedger

CCEDK creating fiat gateway on OpenLedger


OpenLedger launch

Launch of the world’s first decentralized fintech platform based on BTS 2.0

October 13 2015

NanoCard integration

Introducing the world’s first instant bitcoin to fiat debitcard NanoCard

June 2015

BTS collaboration

Adding BitShares and its SmartCoins on CCEDK exchange

May 2015

NBT/NSR collaboration

Launch of the currency NuBits and NuShares on CCEDK as the first exchange worldwide

September 23 2014

NXT collaboration

Launch of fiat gateway on NXT as the first exchange worldwide

July 2014


Launch of CCEDK ApS - Crypto Coins Exchange Denmark

May 26 2014

The start

Registration of the Danish company CCEDK ApS - Crypto Coins Exchange Denmark

March 20 2014


Registered in Kingdom of Denmark.
Company registration no.: CVR-NR 35 80 91 71.
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