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ICO OpenLedger ICOO

ICO OpenLedger and in short ICOO is a service to satisfy certain needs all startups or early investors with the interest of trading may have one way or the other. The token called ICOO has been created to represent this ecosystem and the company CCEDK with its new services offer ICOO the perfect match to justify its value proposition. The ICOO token is set to become the form of payment for all services rendered on CCEDK, this way creating a synergy beyond imagination, well almost!

Do you have a product or service you feel may add some great value to the services offered by CCEDK, and in the same time feel it could of interest to you to be paid in ICOO for this or maybe even a stake in CCEDK itself, then you may very well be the kind of partner we are looking for in the pursuit of always doing above expectations.

Do you have an interest in becoming an early backer of CCEDK with its combination of services and portfolio of assets, it might be of interest to you that we are planning an ICO for the company Crypto Coins Enterprise Denmark and its asset CCEDK early 2017, and already now with the launch of our new website is offering our backers the opportunity to invest early into a presale phase running all 2016 or until the amount reserved for this is gone.

Becom a partner or an early backer

Simply contact me: with the keywords “Sky is the limit” in the subject line of the mail.


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