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Decentralised Conglomerate launches start-ups support service to crowdfund 3.0 platform HEAT

OpenLedger-based services will enable entrepreneurs to access the funds and skills they need for success.

The Decentralised Conglomerate and the network of services comprising the ICOO asset will shortly prove their worth by kickstarting their first project: a new third-generation blockchain platform called HEAT.

The DC comprises of a series of linked services and assets:

Any project needs funding and marketing, but this can be hard to access for decentralised projects such as blockchain enterprises. This is where a new kind of business entity comes in. The Decentralised Conglomerate is a series of linked services and assets, hosted on OpenLedger. These include advertising network BitTeaser; the OBITS bloggers club, which provides articles and other content on forums and websites around the world; CCEDK, OpenLedger’s Danish registrar, which acts as the platform’s fiat gateway and will provide further services such as escrow; and the ICOO asset, which was created both to kickstart new crowdfunded ventures and to profit from them.

ICOO, which is currently running its own crowdfund, purchases a proportion of the new initiative’s tokens, helps it raise money, gives it publicity, and allows ICOO assetholders to profit from subsequent rises in value. ‘We’re looking to provide a complete package of services here,’ explains Ronny Boesing, CEO of CCEDK. ‘We have a number of companies on hand to help entrepreneurs and promote their crowdfunding campaigns, all in a mutually beneficial relationship. If their project does well, so does the Decentralised Conglomerate – we align incentives between all the stakeholders, so everyone is happy.’

Blockchain 3.0

HEAT is one such project. The HEAT platform comprises a wide range of blockchain functionality, from peer-to-peer asset trading to decentralised software applications. Lead developer Svante Lehtinen, who formerly worked on 2.0 platform FIMK, mentions two recent highly successful crowdfunding efforts in explaining the scope of his platform – Lisk, which raised $5.5 million in its initial coin offering (ICO), and Waves, which raised $16 million.

‘I am taking my 17-year e-payments and business experience along with the five man-years of dedicated FIMK tech to bring the most advanced crypto platform features forward to the masses,’ he says. ‘To give you a brief overview of the tech scale we’re operating in: nearly everything that Waves claims it will do in the future has long been possible with FIMK. And everything Lisk does will be possible with our new platform, plus a lot more. On top of it all HEAT is provided via a commercial entity instead of the standard ICO nonprofit ones.’

Pre-launch deal

ICOO also releases proxy tokens for its supported assets to trade on OpenLedger before the official launch of the project – a strategy it has successfully employed with three major recent releases, DigixDAO, Lisk and DAO. This enables early investors (including ICOO itself) to lock in profits and others who missed the ICO to gain an early foothold in promising new companies. Through ICOO, CCEDK and OpenLedger, tokens for projects like HEAT can be purchased pre-ICO with a number of popular currencies, including DAO, DGX (gold tokens), BTC and various fiat options. After the ICO, it will immediately begin trading against these currencies too.

The new CCEDK website will go live on 1 July, offering an all-in-one campaign and crowdfunding kit for start-ups, whatever their needs – including marketing, pre-launch preparations and ICOs. You can read more about ICOO’s value proposition at and about HEAT at [link to HEAT website]


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