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ICOO - How to trade a token before anyone else


The Decentralised Conglomerate and the network of services comprising the ICOO asset will shortly prove their worth by kickstarting their first project: a new third-generation blockchain platform called HEAT.

They’re a very popular way for savvy investors like you, to turn a profit.

But once the initial investment is in, and the tokens bought…. You have to wait. Your capital is locked up. What if the market moves in an unexpected direction and your priorities change?

Or what If your investments turn out to be such a great one that you want to take some profit early?

Well you can forget about that. Sorry !

Or can you ?

With ICOO, it’s a whole different story.

Let’s take HEAT, for example. It’s got all the signs of an ICO that’s going to do really well.

H.E.A.T. Ledger stands for Heuristically Enhanced Asynchronous Transactions Ledger, and it introduces a new way of structuring cryptocurrency and peer-to-peer decentralized asset ledgers.

It’s a platform similar to Lisk and Waves, but in a much further state of development, with functionality that’s way ahead of the rest. Development is lead by Svante Lehtinen and Dennis de Klerk. It’s based on Fimk technology.

With ICOO, you can participate in the HEAT ICO before anyone else, and you can trade those hot tokens on the market before the project launches.

Buy in at the lowest possible price, and never miss an opportunity to sell.

Now you can enjoy more flexibility and freedom. Feel the power of ICOO and watch your profit to loss ratio turn in your favor.

ICOO is provided by CCEDK & Openledger.

ICOO: Crowd-funding the market’s dreams


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